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RH transformed me from a fortysomething soccer mum to a fearless and successful competitive triathlete. As we worked together, RH cajoled and nutured me through countless half Ironmans and three Ironman races. He believed in me when I didn't, encouraged me when I couldn't and celebrated me when I succeeded. RH taught me that, with the correct mindset, no obstacle (in sport or in life) is insurmountable.    


You took me when I was a scared, compulsive, completely self-doubting and terrified teenager, and have patiently guided me on the road for the past four years to become who I am now and am growing into: a beautiful, happy, deeply alive young woman who is so strongly connected to her body.                     KATHARINE R

Robert,  you had one of the best Level II tests, I have ever seen. Congratulations on the hard work and super hard effort you put into your coaching and the exam. I would like for you to keep your name in front of us. You are a valuable asset to USAT, the coaches and the athletes.


If there is one thing that I know at 100%.... I'm ready physically to go to the Olympics. Robert, you have a personal approach to working with your clients that is really special. I always felt you were working with me and not for me.You pushed me so hard to achieve Olympic level physical readiness.                                    Barb Broen-Oullette

Coach made sure to check up on me almost every day, to hear how my workouts were going and adjusted whenever necessary.                                            Jack McP

He has spent hours above and beyond what I expected, training alongside me. He knows my strengths and weaknesses and has really helped me push to new levels.


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